Cyberdoll Sara
Cyberdoll Type: Af-773LC-CHN
Age: Appears 23 years old

Sara is the cyberdoll that first delivers May to Kazuya. Sara gets distracted during the delivery, forgets to collect the money for May, and runs off to eat some ramen. Sara is obsessed with ramen, taking every opportunity to eat it. When she realizes that she forgot to collect the money, she returns to Kazuya's apartment to find him not there but Nanbara sneaking around. The two decide to team up together (Nanbara offers her all the ramen she can eat) to get back May and torment Kazuya. Sara possessess the abilty of super strength, and vision. She is very light on her feet and can leap from building to building (Crouching Tiger Style). She also can use her hand as a telephone. Just like the other cyberdolls, Sara eventually gets feelings for Kazuya too.