Nanbara Koutarou
Age: 19 years old

Nanbara is the childhood rival of Kazuya. (Even though Kazuya doesn't ever seem to know that they are enemies) Nanbara is a rich, spoiled, brat. Even though he's always had more toys, better cars, and a lot of money, Kazuya always seems to come out on top and be more popular than him. Nanbara decides to create a computer virus to destroy Kazuya Artifical Intelligence program. His gives it to Kazuya telling him it a gift. The naive Kazuya goes home to his computer and intalls it. Now Kazuya realizes it a virus and trys to fix it and accidently enters the Cyberdyne Co. webpage and orders Hand Maid May. Nanbara later teams up with Sara to torment Kazuya. He also eventually falls in love with May. Yet another thing Nanbara has to fight with Kazuya about.