Cyberdoll Kei
Cyberdoll Type: Af-444LC-JPN
Age: Appears 21 years old
Date of Creation: June 19th

Kei is yet another cyberdoll sent to retrieve May. Kei is a very intelligent cyberdoll with an I.Q. over 50,000. She can calculate very large numbers, but has trouble with simple figures.
She is the first to notice May's "feeling" for Kazuya. She is amazed at this feature. Cyberdolls are not supposed to show emotion. Kei trys to evaluate
May's memory but things go wrong and Kei gets overloaded. Kazuya saves her by separating Kei from her computer. After this Kei also starts to feel emotions for Kazuya which even she can't explain.

Kei decideds to move in with Kazuya because of her feelings for him, and she still wants to experiment with May. She makes herself her own room inside Kazuya's closet.