Saotome Kazuya
Age: 19 years old
Student ID: #25523-99
Date of Birth: October 18, 1981

Kazuya is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student at Ochanomizu Institute of Technology. He has been obsessed with his Doeramon Research Project, which is his dream. He is trying to build his own robot with an A.I. (artifcial intelligence) system. When Nanbara (Kazuya's unknown enemy) gives him a virus to destroy his computer, something very unexpected happens. The virus allows Kazuya to enter the Cyberdyne Co. webpage and accidently order a CBD maid. Kazuya is very confused and excited about this new "product," the CBD maid has an A.I. like Kazuya has never seen before. Kazuya very much likes maid May, but is also very curious to see how she "ticks."