Episode: 2/10 - Am I Any Use At All?

As little as May is shes trying to clean the apartment and cook meals. Kazuya goes to school and has May stay home. Meantime CBD Sara is eating Ramen at a restaurant and realizes that she never collected payment for CBD May. She then rushed off in a huff.

While May was at home the phone rang, it was Nanbara. He was hoping to hear the bad news about Kazuya's computer but instead gets a girls voice. Nanbara thought that Kazuya must have a girl living in his apartment. Nanbara rushes over to check it out.

When Nanbara arrives he discovers May. He thinks that Kazuya must have been making May in secret and wants to steal May to see how she works. Just then Sara arrives asking for the payment of 1.4 million dollars for May. Nanbara refuses and a fight begins. Kasumi hears the noise and threatens to call the police for them tresspassing. Nanbara runs off and takes Sara with him.

Kasumi thens gives May a package for Kazuya. May foolishly decides that she'll take the package to Kazuya at school and goes off on her own adventure.

Nanbara and Sara introduce themselves and decide to work together to recover May. When Kazuya returns home Nanbara and Sara are right behind. Nanbara keeps picking on Kazuya and Sara tells him that he owes the 1.4 million dollars for May and his he doesn't pay she will have to reposess. Kazuya is too frantic to listen because he notices that May is gone. He runs off to find her. Sara also leaves, she states that she can track May down anywhere. Kazuya keeps getting help from some strange cybernetic man while Sara has already found May.

Right when Sara was about to snatch up May, Nanbar comes flying by on a bike and grabs Sara, whom he has been chasing ever since she left him. Kazuya takes May home and asks her to not leave without him again. You now learn the there were little clothes for May inside the package for Kazuya. Kasumi made them herself for May.