Episode: 1/10 - How Do You Do?

Kazuya has been obsessed with his Dourimon A.I. project. Kasumi, who lives across the way and is Kazuya's landlords' daughter, has a horizontal ladder between their rooms. She comes over to check on kazuya and to remind him not to be late for class.

Kazuya goes to class and meets up with some friends. While talking Koutaoru Nanbara, a very annoying fellow student of theirs, arrives. Nanbara is very rich and is very jealous of Kazuya. While growing up, even thoug Kazuya was poor, he was always more popular then Nanbara. Nanbara has been spying on Kazuya's project and has made a plan to destroy his computer. nanbara gives Kazuya this CD Rom. Kazuya who's a little too soft harted accepts the disc. Kazuya doesn't think Nanbar is really that bad of a person.

Kazuya takes the disc home and starts it up. Nanbar is on the progream and say Kazuya has to type in this insane password or his computer will be destroyed by this virus. Kazuya actually manages to complete the password, this make the computer go crazed and access the Cyberdyne Co. website and autmatically order a CBD Maid Doll. The computer calms down and one minute later there is a knock at the door.

A delivery woman gives Kazuya the box containing CBD May. Before Kazuya can give a stamp for the mail, the delivery girl disappears. Kazuya bring the box inside and hears a voice asking to be let out. When Kazuya opens the box he is freaked out by May and accidently drops her out the window. He manages to catch May but loses the box. He brings May in and she introduces herself and saves all of Kazuya's information in her memory banks. She then shows off her ability to change TV channels with her own power. This uses up May's battery and she needs to be charged up. But her battery was in the box and it broke when it fell out of the window.

Kazuya being an electricl engineering student manages to fix it. Now May is all charged up and ready to work. But Kasumi jumps in from the window to discover May. Kasumi is quite surprised and agrees to let May stay at a child rate in the apartment.