We have been cosplaying together since 2000. I make all of our costumes, style most of our wigs, and paint and work on the fine details of our accessories. Flexei does all the major accessories contruction and helps style wigs.

My mother taught me to hand sew in elementary school. She was tired of sewing on my girlscout patches, so she taught me how to do it. I had to take home ec in junior high and learned how to use a sewing machine. In high school I decided I didn't want to take Spanish anymore and dropped the class for home ec. I learned all of my sewing basics and loved making stuffed animals. I decided to take advanced home ec my senior year. It involved more with making clothes. I had student of the month in sewing and won the home ec award for my senior year to display as a pin on my graduation robe.

I had to put all of my sewing on hold thru college. I was way too busy with school, busy with being poor, and busy with being in love with Flexei.

I have my own sewing room in our house. I work with a Brother XL3500 model sewing machine, and a Singer Ultralock serger.

In 2002 we decided to give doing skits at conventions a try. After our first experience we didn't like it, but later we tried again and started having fun with it. We always do comedy skits (well except for that one time...). To most peoples surprise, I'm the one that writes all the skits. Flexei just fixes up my grammer here and there, and throws in some suggestions.

In 2005 I managed to convince some friends to cosplay with us. So I also make costumes for friends.

I sometimes sell my costumes to make room for new ones. One Piece costumes are never for sale. I try to keep all the costumes pages updated on which ones I have sold, which ones I still have, and which ones I am still actively wearing. If there is a costume you are interested in purchasing, please email me.

As of 2010, I am enrolled in college once again. I am pursuring a degree in Fashion Design. I would like to start taking commissions in the future.


Real Name: Melissa Turner
D.O.B.: 11/4/77
Location: Morgantown, WV
Occupation: Dental Hygienist
Hobbies: Costume making, webdesign, comic book collecting, video gaming, button making.
Email: rogue24@gmail.com

Real Name: Trubie Turner III
D.O.B.: 7/16/77
Location: Morgantown, WV
Occupation: Software Engineer
Hobbies: VIDEO GAMES, reading, computer and network maintance, game programming.
Email: flexei@gmail.com

The Man Sluts
from left to right

hoonsan: Adam has worn a few costumes for us. He has been Sasuke, but mainly he is our Zoro for One Piece cosplay.

t3h awesome: Ricky wears anything we put on him. He has been involved with many of our cosplay groups, and has participated in a number of skits. He is best known for cosplaying Usopp, Luffy, and Chouji.

johnwyatt: JohnWyatt is behind the camera for many of our cosplay pictures. If you look closely, you can sometimes see him in photo reflections.

vaincallipygian: (not pictured) Brian is Adam's twin brother, however a lot of people never see them together and think they are one person. (hmm... maybe they are) Brian has also been behind the camera for many of our cosplay pictures.

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