Anime Punch 2010 Masquerade
Luffy, Law, Bonney, Nami, Zoro, Caimie, Sanji, and Kuma (One Piece)
"Flippy Floppies"
Taped By: icosplay
This is based on the song, "On a Boat" by The Lonley Island. We did this skit with Tracy, Ricky, Andrew, Zo, Jing, and Melissa.

Awards: Crowd Pleaser Award
Download: anime_punch2010.wmv
Size: 58 MB

OhayoCon 2010 Masquerade
Edgeworth, Klavier, Apollo, Trucy, Emma, Phoenix, Maya
(Apollo Justice)
"There, Right There!"
Taped By: JohnWyatt
This is based on the song, "There, Right There" from the Legally Blonde musical. We did this skit with Kim, Tracy, and Melissa.

Awards: Best Musical Performance
Download: ohayocon2010.wmv
Size: 81 MB

ColossalCon 2009 Masquerade
Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, and Robin
(One Piece)
"Devil's Fruit Bar"
Taped By: JohnWyatt
This was a parody of the Nutrigrain Fruit Bar commercial. Look it up on YouTube its awesome. We did this skit with the kaizoku girls, Zo and Jing.

Awards: Best in Show
Download: colossal_09.wmv
Size: 48.9 MB

TekkoshoCon 2009 Masquerade
Krauser, Jagi, Camus, President, & Negishi
(Detroit Metal City)
"Go To DMC"
Taped By: Morgan
This skit was a little more series specific than we normally do. Its basically an advertisement for DMC. The skit is pretty much the same formula as most DMC episodes.

Awards: none
Download: Tekkoshocon_2009.wmv
Size: 60.4 MB

Otakon 2008 Masquerade
Polka, Allegretto, Chopin, Falsetto, Jazz & Solfege
(Eternal Sonata)
Taped By: a secret ninja
This is loosely based on Peanuts, and my observations while playing Eternal Sonata. We did this skit with Kim, Tracy, Melissa & Andrew.

Awards: Best in Show
Download: otakon2008.wmv
Size: 38.4 MB

Anime North 2008 Skit Competition
Tohru, Shigure, Ayame, Hatori, Akito, & Ritsu
(Fruits Basket)
"Television at its Finest"
Taped By:
This was a skit that made fun of cheesy sitcom commercials. We did this skit with the Ohio/Kentucky girls: Kim, Tracy, and Melissa (Oh, and Ricky too).

Awards: none
Download: animenorth2008.wmv
Size: 68 MB

Ohayocon 2008 Masquerade
Naruto, Sasuke, Naruto, & Sasuke (Naruto)
"Naruto & Sasuke's Excellent Adventure"
Taped By: JohnWyatt
Time-jump Naruto and Sasuke meet past Naruto and Sasuke in a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure parody.

Awards: Best Master's Presentation
Download: ohayocon2008.wmv
Size: 80.8 MB

TsubasaCon 2007 Masquerade
Nami, Sanji, Zoro, & Luffy (One Piece)
"Zoro, the Pirate Hunter, Goes To Candy Mountain "
Taped By: JohnWyatt
The title says it all. We did a skit based on the youtube video Charlie, the unicorn, goes to candy mountain. We did this skit with Ricky and Adam. The was also Adam's first skit.

Awards: Best in Show
Download: OnePiece-Tsubasacon.wmv
Size: 37.8 MB

ColossalCon 2007 Masquerade
Adell, Taro & BlueMage (Disgaea 2)
Taped By: JohnWyatt
This is based off of the Little Richard Geico car insurance commercial. We did this skit with Ricky.

Awards: Best Presentation
Download: colossal07.wmv
Size: 15.7 MB

Anime Punch 2007 Masquerade
The Entire Cast + Buggy (One Piece)
"You Are A Pirate"
Taped By: JohnWyatt
This is based on the Lazy Town, You are a pirate video. This is another skit we performed with the kaizoku girls. This skit was a lot of fun.

Awards: Most Badassiest Award
Download: AnimePunch2007.wmv
Size: 15.2 MB

ColossalCon 2006 Masquerade
Sheena & Zelos (Tales of Symphonia)
Usopp (One Piece)
"Pink vs Purple"
Taped By: Scott
This was an homage to Red vs Blue. We needed someone to flip over the posters, so thats why Usopp is thrown in there.

Awards: Best in Show
Download: redvsblue_skit.wmv
Size: 22.0 MB

Anime Punch 2006 Masquerade
The entire cast (One Piece)
"Totally Lost"
Taped By: Brian
We did this skit with Ricky and the kaizoku girls: Erin, Renee, & Rachel. (Darcy & TJ also provided voice overs) This was a parody of the show Lost. The video is fuzzy, so its hard to tell that when Zoro comes back he is holding a skull of Naruto.

Awards: Best in Show
Download: apunch_skit.wmv
Size: 17.0 MB

ColossalCon 2005 Masquerade
Green Mage & Theif (Disgaea)
"I wanna be a ninja"
Taped By: Fluffy - Random Battle Group
This is a skit with a lot of RPG references. We are cosplaying as a mage and a theif and we decide to be ninjas be simply putting on Naruto headbands.

Awards: Judge's and Masters Craftsmenship award
Download: colossal05.avi
Size: 15.3 MB

Katsucon 2005 Masquerade
Prier, Homard, Culotte, & Croix (La Pucelle Tactics)
"Extreme Demon Exorcists: La Pucelle"
Taped By: Deathcom Multimedia
This is a skit we did with Scott, Beth, and Ricky. Its a La Pucelle/Ghostbusters spoof taken from the ending fight with Gozer at the end of the movie.

Awards: Judge's and Craftsmenship award
Download: lapucelle_skit.wmv
Size: 14.9 MB

Ikasucon 2004 Masquerade
Alouette & Father Salade (La Pucelle Tactics)
"The Church of the Holy Maiden"
Taped By: Ricky
La Pucelle is a video game with a lot of religious themes envloved, so we decided to be evangelists for the skit. So we have the church of the holy maiden promoting video game violence.

Awards: Judge's award
Download: ikasu04_skit.wmv
Size: 12.4 MB

AnimeNext 2004 Masquerade
Ezra, Bart, & Duero (Vandread)
"Spaceballs: the Skit"
Taped By: Morgan
Trubie wanted to do a skit that had Bart from Vandread doing the Simpson's "Do the Bartman." Bart playing with the dolls was a homage to Lord Helmet from the Spaceballs movie. We did this with our friend Scott.

Awards: Best of Show
Download: vandreadskit2.wmv
Size: 7.61 MB

Ohayocon 2004 Masquerade
Bridget, Zappa, & May (Guilty Gear X)
"Another Desperate Ratings Grab"
Taped By: Deathcom Multimedia
This was our version of Joe Millionare with Guilty Gear X. We did this with our friend Darcy.

Awards: Best of Show
Download: Ohayo_skit_2004.wmv
Size: 7.35 MB

Anime USA 2003 Masquerade
Juri & Ruka (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Taped By: Jim Field
This was simply a choreographed fencing skit between Juri and Ruka. There is a little bit of lip synching at the end. This is our one and only non-comedy skit.

Awards: Best Experienced Presentation
Download: animeusa2k3_skit.wmv
Size: 10.3 MB

Ikasucon 2003 Masquerade
Baiken & Anji Mito (Guilty Gear)
"Guilty Gear Dating Service"
Taped By: Trying to find video of this skit.
This was a skit where Anji calls a dating service and goes on a blind date with Baiken. Unfortunatly we have no video of skit. If anyone has video of the Ikasucon 2003 masquerade please contact me. Thanks.

Awards: Best in Show
Size: MB

Animazement 2003 Masquerade
Lin & Ryu (Breath of Fire V)
Taped By: No Video.
This was a skit about people not changing out of costumes even when they return home from a con.

Awards: none
Size: MB

TekkoshoCon 2003 Masquerade
Sera & Yayoi (G-On Riders)
Taped By: Deathcom Multimedia
This was our take on dancing skits. Instead of classy music we went with heavy metal. The skit seemed to go over great (even though we thought we looked REALLY stupid).

Awards: Best Craftmanship and Best in Show
Download: tekkoshocon.wmv
Size: 5.20 MB

Katsucon 2003 Masquerade
Nanbara, Hibiki, Noel, Tohru, & Fancy LaLa
"Anime Name That Toon"
Taped By: Deathcom Multimedia
We did this skit with our friends Scott, Darcy, and Sharon. We had the pretty Fancy Lala as our "Vanna White," Nanbara was our annoying game show host, and Hibiki, Noel, & Tohru represented the clueless anime character contestants. It went over fairly well, with only a few errors from the A.V. Crew.

Awards: Best Journeyman Presentation
Download: katsucon-9-cosplay_entry_19.wmv
Size: 14.2 MB

OhayoCon 2003 Masquerade
A-Ko & The Captain (Project A-ko)
"Deleted Scene from Project A-ko Special Edition"
Taped By:
The whole point of this skit was to "rip" the captains hair out and show him bald, but everyone seemed to like our S&M jokes more.

Awards: Best Advanced Presentation & Judge's Award
Download: ohayocon2003.wmv
Size: 8.28 MB

Conglomeration 2002 Masquerade
Vampire Hunter D & Doris (Vampire Hunter D)
"Just Another Walk-on"
Taped By: Trubie Turner II
We also did this skit for Animazement 2002. We won a Judge's award for it there. This is a simple skit that surprises you with what Vampire Hunter D really has on his hand.

Awards: Judge's Award
Download: Vampire Hunter D.WMV
Size: 1.52 MB

OhayoCon 2002 Masquerade
B.C. & Bart (Vandread)
"An Observation by Bart & B.C."
Taped By: Deathcom Multimedia
This was our first skit ever. We had just been doing hall cosplay for about a year and a half till we got the guts to get up on stage.

Awards: none
Download: vandread.WMV
Size: 5.09 MB